16 Apr 2014

Your Doctor May Be Wrong and What To Do About It

It’s not your fault, you want to trust your Doctor right? Normally that is the logically sound thing to do, place your trust in your physician to take proper care of you. However, with fibromyalgia the sad
9 Apr 2014

10 Tips On Traveling For Fibromyalgia Sufferers

Hey Everyone! First, let me introduce myself. My name is Jessica Tomlinson, wife of Ryan Tomlinson. He first got the idea to start this site and try to help others because I was assessed with Fibromyalgia. After
2 Apr 2014

Treating Fibro With The Power Of Natural Remedies

Fibromyalgia is believed to affect about five to six million Americans with the majority of the patients being females.
 When it comes down to choosing alternative medicines for fibromyalgia you will do well to take nutritional supplements
26 Mar 2014

Celebrities with fibromyaglia

Fibromyalgia sucks, there I said it. This is no surprise to you I am sure. From the comments I read on our facebook page and group to the forums and blogs I frequent about fibromyalgia, I find
21 Mar 2014

Papaya for Fibromyalgia + Recipe

Fibromyalgia can make everyday life just plain miserable. The severe pain, body aches, and sleeplessness can be enough to drive you insane. What’s worse is the way some allopathic physicians treat patients with the condition. It’s not
15 Mar 2014

Broccoli, Spinach and Ginger Green Soup Recipe – Great For Detox

This easy detox soup can be thin or thick, depending upon the amount of water you add. It cooks up fast. We served ours with a modest scoop of hot cooked jasmine rice in the middle. Super
9 Mar 2014

Sleeping tips for fibromyalgia sufferers

Trying to get sleep for many fibromyalgia sufferers is like trying to nail jello to the wall. It just isn’t very easy to do! The sleeping tips below are just a few basic tips to try to
3 Mar 2014

Anti-Inflammatory Foods for Fibromyalgia

The role of inflammation in fibromyalgia has been the topic of research and debate for decades. In fact, the condition used to be called “fibrositis,” which means “fibrous-tissue inflammation.” The medical community came to use fibromyalgia (“fibrous-tissue
28 Feb 2014

Look after your Liver – Liver cleanse for Fibromyalgia

Look after your Liver & it will look after you The Liver may not have the romanticism of the heart, or the wit & intelligence of the brain, but it is an amazing organ and certainly deserves
23 Feb 2014

Best Fibromyalgia Quotes

Over the past year of posting articles and pictures to our facebook page, group, blog and pinterest, I have come across many fantastic quotes. Below is a list of some of personal favorites for fibromyalgia sufferers. Best
19 Feb 2014

Muscle Relaxants for Fibromyalgia

Muscle Relaxants: Do they work for fibromyalgia? Your muscles are tight and achy. You may even feel ropy bands with firm knots in the mid-section of the muscle. These are myofascial trigger points, and their location often