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1 Dec 2014

The Neurological and Psychological Effects of Fibromyalgia in Women

Fibromyalgia Syndrome is a disease that may affect women’s psychological and neurological wellbeing. Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) is defined as a musculoskeletal pain and tenderness throughout the body (Bjorkegren, Wallander, Johansson & Svardsudd, 2009). FMS is a chronic
7 Aug 2014

How to Help Your Family Understand Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a terrible and exhausting disease, however if you don’t have the support of your loved ones it can be 10x worse.  Maybe you feel you are not able to ask for the fibromyalgia support you
15 May 2014

4 Quick and Dirty Tips for Dealing With Fibromyalgia

There are around 5 million Americans suffering from the pain and fatigue of fibromyalgia now, and this condition is just as common in many other countries. There is no real cure yet or 1 “pill” to end
29 Apr 2014

You’re Right, Fibromyalgia and Sex Is Not Easy (10 Tips To Help)

Fibro and Sex, sounds like an oxymoron right? I have have taken a lot of time thinking and researching on this subject. It is personal to me and affects my life too. So many of you have
22 Apr 2014

5 Fibromyalgia Websites You Need To Bookmark

I still get surprised. It never ceases to amaze me how many people feel like they are in this alone. That they are one of only a select few dealing with fibromyalgia. I receive messages like this
16 Apr 2014

Your Doctor May Be Wrong and What To Do About It

It’s not your fault, you want to trust your Doctor right? Normally that is the logically sound thing to do, place your trust in your physician to take proper care of you. However, with fibromyalgia the sad
26 Mar 2014

Celebrities with fibromyaglia

Fibromyalgia sucks, there I said it. This is no surprise to you I am sure. From the comments I read on our facebook page and group to the forums and blogs I frequent about fibromyalgia, I find
23 Feb 2014

Best Fibromyalgia Quotes

Over the past year of posting articles and pictures to our facebook page, group, blog and pinterest, I have come across many fantastic quotes. Below is a list of some of personal favorites for fibromyalgia sufferers. Best
31 Jan 2014

Friday Fibro Stories: I had Fibromyalgia since 1998

Friday Fibro Stories: 1/31/14 Every other Friday we are featuring a story on the blog from our audience.  Stories of your small victories or full on war victories. What you did to overcome or manage fibro. Or
13 Jan 2014

What I Did To Turn My Life & Fibromylagia Around

Just a bit about me as the writer so you can relate to me & my journey and maybe it gives you hope and inspiration as the reader of my article & it will support you on
25 Nov 2013

A Fibromyalgia Friendly Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving and Christmas are already exhausting and stressful for most everyone. Add to the mix fibro flare ups and it can be simply a nightmare if you let it. Today, I want to share a few tips