Your Doctor May Be Wrong and What To Do About It

Your Doctor May Be Wrong and What To Do About ItIt’s not your fault, you want to trust your Doctor right? Normally that is the logically sound thing to do, place your trust in your physician to take proper care of you. However, with fibromyalgia the sad truth is that many Doctor’s today still don’t recognize fibromyalgia as a real condition and those that do many times do not know how to properly treat it.

On our website, facebook page and group, I have seen a growing trend of people asking how to get their doctor to listen


My invisible illness is more real than your imaginary medical expertiseThis is not an easy thing to do! I have learned over the years however that it is possible! Something to keep in mind, you know your body better than anyone! Do not let your doctor push you around or give you the run around about your sickness! I had a doctor for over a decade. I thought he was amazing until I realized that I had fibromyalgia. He was honestly not sure how to treat the disease. This picture really does make sense to me. Sometimes doctors truly do not know how to respond and treat fibromyaglia. I know that many reading this would agree.

Don’t Give Up

Please do not let bad doctor experiences stop you from receiving help from a doctor who truly cares. I found an Internalist who has been able to treat the fibromyaglia and actually has a clue about the disease. She cares about how I feel and my opinion on how to treat this condition. I am very open and honest with her about how I feel about my treatment at the time.



If you do not agree with your current medical treatment, tell your doctor. If the doctor does not agree, see about a second opinion. Your life is worth upsetting some people if necessary. We deal with enough pain and depression/anxiety. Don’t let your doctor add to the fire…


Be careful!

Please be aware of taking opioid drugs for long periods of time! I found myself in this position and ended up having to rehab out off of them. I was on the Fentenyl patch for two years along with Percocet. Most people who use this are terminally ill. I know we feel like a terminal patient but there are other ways to treat the pain. Please do no get me wrong, I still have to use painkillers during a flare up, but I am SUPER conscientious about how much I take and for how long. I want others to know my story and how I have fought with this pain. It is nothing to be ashamed of. I am very open about my situation and what I have had to go through and deal with. Just like with Rehab, I only speak of this to help others. It was a very tough few days but I came out stronger and feeling better. The less I stay on, in the opioid family, the better I feel. Opioids effect the brain in that the medicines anchor to the neuron pathways to stop the pain. Since the medicine can mimic the natural endorphins produced in the brain, this makes them very addictive. When exercising the brain produces these endorphins which also help with mood and pain. I am sure someone is saying “ya, right… exercise” but you would be amazed how much better you feel when exercising. That is just another way to help keep your body and mind going but at peace.


Natural Options

valerian_root_extractI have found that taking valerian root helps with the pain and anxiety that comes along with fibromyalgia. If you haven’t tried this supplement, talk with your doctor and see if this is an option. I take it in the morning and at night. This helps ease my anxiety in a natural way. When the anxiety is bad enough, I do also take Ativan which helps me sleep at night. There are obviously many different anxiety medicines that can help. Speak with your doctor to find out what is best for you! Please do not take my word as medical advice. I am only speaking from experience. In my time, experience has shown to be more useful than many expertise opinions.

Two Old Goats Lotion for FibromyalgiaAlso, I use two old goats lotion. This works great! My husband wrote a full article about it here if you would like to learn more this lotion. Its a all natural lotion that helps ease pain. I would not endorse these products if I had not tried them first and have great results! You can find it on their website, on ebay and amazon. We also carry it at our store here on the site.


A Special Giveaway

fibromyalgia ebook mockupThis is my 2nd post here on MFD and I wanted to do something special. I would like to give the first 3 people to comment on this post a free copy of our book “My Fibromyalgia Breakthrough”! This is an amazing ebook with tips and tricks of living and treating Fibromyalgia. I will respond to all who comment and please email me at if there is anything I can do for you. Please always remember you are NOT ALONE! We are walking through this journey with you! God Bless


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Disclaimer: I am sharing my thoughts and parts of my story. Please understand the information in this article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Simply to encourage you to find the RIGHT medical professional.

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