Healthy Toasted Muesli Recipe – Gluten Free

Healthy Toasted Muesli Recipe - Gluten FreeIngredients:


750g rice oats (or oats that are guaranteed free from crop rotation with gluten containing grains such as Bob Mills)

100-125g sesame seed

250g LSA meal (Coles) (Linseed (flax), Sesame and Almond)

200- 250g pure virgin coconut oil

750g honey


250g rice bran

2/3 cup roasted buckwheat

80-125g puffed rice

500g high quality mixed fruit not the generic ones.

100g lecithin

250g chopped pitted dates

250g chopped pitted prunes

125g pipita (pumpkin seeds)

100g hazelnuts

100g walnuts

100g slivered almonds

125g Psyllium

125g Quinoa seeds


Combine coconut oil and honey into a microwave container and melt for 4mins at med. in microwave (50%), 1 minute standing.

Combine in a baking dish the cooking ingredients. Pour the oil honey mixture over the mixed cooking ingredient, mix through lightly. Bake in moderate oven (200) for 1 hour or until golden; stir mixture every 10 minutes. While still warm add the mixing ingredients.

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