The Gluten Free Grains Guide

The Gluten Free GrainsOne of the most Popular Fibromyalgia diets is the Gluten Free Diet. We have plenty of other articles here to help you research why gluten is bad for you. For those that have already made the decision to go gluten free this useful chart is for you!

For your Reference here is a handy Chart for you to keep to remember The Gluten Free Grains you can consume on this diet. Click on the image for the full size version of The Gluten Free Grains Guide to save to your computer.

1. Amaranth – Is high in iron, calcium, lysine, proeitn, and magnesium. Is Lower in cards than most other gluten free grains.

2. Buckwheat –  is an excellent source of minerals, dietary and soluble fiber and antioxidants.

3. Oats – are extremely high in dietary fiber. Oats are an excellent breakfast food and is a long burning food for those who need to regulate blood sugar.

4. Corn / Polenta – Polenta is an extremely versatile food. Rich and Cream in meals and is excellent mixed with other gluten free flours for breading on fried foods.

5. Quinoa – is wonderful warm or cold and use it in meals like you would rice.

6. Rice – Use brown and wild rice in dishes as a healthy alternative to white rice, which is refined and processed.

7. Teff – Teff is an ancient and intriguing grain, tiny in size yet packed with nutrition. Simple to prepare and similar to millet or quinoa in cooking.


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